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INSPECK 3D Scanner
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InSpeck provides optical 3D digitizer and 3D modelling software solution for animation, film special effects, medical imaging, plastic surgery, body measurement research, 3D crystal engraving, 3D stereo portraits and electronic games.

The technology used in the InSpeck 3D Capturor to capture the 3D data is not laser-based, but rather a white halogen light that can safely be used on humans. The InSpeck3D capturors are very capable of scanning hair, which has traditionally been a problem for other technology. Because of its fine texture, complex structure and many variants, hair is probably the most difficult thing to digitize. The InSpeck Capturor can also digitize any skin color with ease. Its capacity to capture hair and skin color is what distinguishes it from the rest.

With multiple units of capturor, InSpeck provides solution for digitizing Full body, Half body, Head, Torso and Hand.

3D Mega Capturor  [Small Field] or [Large Field]
At the time of purchase, you can select either [Small Field] or [Large Field] depending on your situation. The small field option is perfect for small intended areas like faces/heads as it gives users very high-resolution data. The large field enables users to capture a subject roughly the size of half a human being (i.e. from head to waist for example).

3D Mega Capturor DF (Dual Field)
The 3D Mega Capturor DF can be described as a 2-in-1 digitizer, which is very useful for applications like animation, visual effects, medical imaging and research. Because there are no physical parts (i.e. lenses) to be changed or adjusted, this makes it ideal for novice users as well as more advanced ones.

CYCLOPS² is the tool specifically designed for 3D crystal engraving engraving applications! If you are entrepreneur looking to start your own small 3D crystal engraving (SSLE) and/or 3D Stereo Portrait (3DSP) business. CYCLOPS² is the right tool of your choice.

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