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Key Features

•fully automated test system for production and customized panel

•for lights out operation

•different type of products can be loaded in parallel

•biggest panel size 650 mm x 535 mm

•tension tools for automatic handling of flex boards down to 0,3 mm

Key Features

•fully automated test system for production panel and heavy server boards

•biggest panel size up to 650 mm x 630 mm and weight up to 10 kg

•highest throughput with 16 test heads

Key Features

•fully automated test System optimized for HDI products

•product exchange time is below4 sec thanks to the dual shuttle system

•8 test heads

•max test area up to 460 mm x 310 mm

Automated Testers

Flying Probe Tester PCB


The A8a test system provides the flexibility of flying probe testers while delivering high throughput testing for bare board printed circuit boards (PCBs). The target market for the A8a is the electrical test of tablet and PC motherboards and high density interconnect (HDI) products for smart phones.


The A8-16a automation is based on the A7a automation module. Due to the bigger test product sizes the loading unit operates with an additional mechanical grabber to handle heavy products with a weight of up to 10 kg.  The A8-16a is mainly used for big server and production panels.


The A7a is the automation with the highest flexibility. The system can handle shipment panels and big production panels. The shuttle system can be equipped with clamping or tension bars for flexible products. In addition, the A7a can handle slip Sheets.